Imran Khan Responds Back Strongly to Allegations of Ashraf Ghani @ Multilateral Conference


Tazeen Akhtar

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s speech at Central and South Asia Connectivity conference was not welcomed by many participants and it was responded back strongly by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Ashraf Ghani while speaking as the main guest , instead of sharing his views on the connectivity, misused the plate form to accuse Pakistan of being responsible for what is happening in Afghanistan now a days.

“10 thousand mercenaries has entered into Afghanistan from Pakistan to fight alongwith Taliban. Pakistan and some other countries are supporting Taliban.” alleged the Afghan President.

Prime Minister Imran Khan replied back clearing the wrong perception of  President Ghani.

“It is very unfortunate to blame Pakistan for the present situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan is directly affected by Afghan Crisis. Pakistan is the most affected country of Afghan situation. We have sacrificed more than 70 thousand lives. We are hosting 3 Million Afghan refugees since 4 decades. Desability in Afghanistan would be the last thing wanted by Pakistan.” said Imran Khan.



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