Indian Gov Stripes Rightful Kashmiris of their Citizenship-Our System Awards Citizenship to India Nationals-A bitter Memory


Isphanyar M Bhandara – Former MNA

The latest barbaric act post 5th August 2019 is India strips citizenship of millions of Muslims. All of a sudden millions of Muslims are rendered stateless. Has India gone mad? One is forced to presume.

The above situation brought back a personal memory of a court case which was not long ago. Back in 2014, I had initiated a complaint against one Rustum Sidhwa born in Delhi, India in 1967. He travelled to Karachi on an Indian passport No.B522919 in 1986 and after greasing the palms Rustum Sidhwa became a Pakistani citizen the next year i.e. 1987. This case certainly amazes and raises an eye brow and certainly qualifies for the Guinness Book of World Record for acquiring a citizenship within a year!

But, alas! after three/four years of thorough investigation by the Intelligence Agencies / NADRA / Interior Ministry / Immigration and Passport offices, Rustum Sidhwa was declared “Confirmed Alien – Indian National” category back in 2014 and was arrested under Foreigners Act14 and was sent packing to Adiala Jail without bail under the watchful eyes of media which gave due coverage to this case.

As things work in Pakistan, the clever and confirmed Indian citizen contacts one ‘Pir” Nazir Badhshah from his Jail Cell. This particular ‘Pir” happens to be a spiritual friend of a Minister in the then Government and on one telephone call the confirmed Indian citizen Rustum Sidhwa is granted  an immediate bail much to the bewilderment of the Judge and everyone else. He now lives freely on bail in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

I thought to myself and compared the two scenarios: The Indian Government illegally strips millions of Muslims from their rightful citizenship and our Government machinery illegally gives citizenship to a confirmed Indian citizen; crime has been committed in both cases.

05 Sep 2019


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