International Observer from Pakistan Commends Fairness and Enthusiasm in Azerbaijan’s Presidential Election

Baku, Azerbaijan – February 7, 2024 – Today, Mr. Qaiser Nawab, a renowned international expert on International Relations and Sustainable Development Goals, participated as an International Observer in the Presidential Election of Azerbaijan. Early this morning, Mr. Nawab, along with the delegation, visited several polling stations across Azerbaijan, where they witnessed a smooth and enthusiastic electoral process.
The Election Commission of Azerbaijan has meticulously orchestrated arrangements to ensure a free, fair, and transparent ballot. Every citizen of Azerbaijan, eligible to vote, has the opportunity to exercise their democratic right from 8 am to 7 pm today.
Despite the cold weather in Baku, a significant number of people, including the youth, have been actively participating in the electoral process, reflecting the vibrant democracy of Azerbaijan.
One notable observation was the involvement of families, with parents bringing young children to the polling stations. This act aims to instill awareness about democracy from a young age. The children enthusiastically assisted their parents, taking their votes and placing them in the ballot boxes. Their excitement and participation were heartening to witness, showcasing a commitment to fostering democratic values within future generations.
In line with efforts to ensure transparency, the Commission has installed webcams in 1000 polling stations across 119 election constituencies, enabling continuous monitoring of the voting process.
Mr. Nawab expressed optimism about the elections, stating, “Presidential elections are a very significant event. We believe that the results of the presidential election in Azerbaijan will be successful for the future development of this country.”
Mr. Nawab’s presence as an International Observer underscores the commitment to promoting democratic values and ensuring transparent electoral processes worldwide.

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