Kanwal Shauzab President Women Wing PTI & Women of PTI – Tazeen Akhtar


Tazeen Akhtar

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman Mr. Imran Khan has appointed Ms Kanwal Shauzab as President PTI Women Wing. Formerly this slot was with Ms Fauzia Qusoori. The new appointment is young, energetic and active in Party politics in line with the policies of the Chairman but it has not received welcome in the party cadres, especially the women quarters.

Only a few know about this appointment and no public or party level welcome or announcement has been organized in this regard. Reason can be that party is going through a critical time and things are not as smooth and managed like they were before April 09 when Khan had to leave the Prime Minister house.

Kanwal is highly educated lady who can speak at seminars and TV talk shows to defend her party and Chairman. She hails from a dignified, sound family of South Punjab. Her husband has served in World Bank. She was nominated MNA on reserve seats of PTI in the National Assembly after Election July 2018. Imran Khan further uplifted her as Parliamentary Secretary Cabinet Division.

Kanwal’s respect in the eyes of her leader can be estimated in a sense that when Kanwal’s nomination papers were challenged in the Islamabad High Court for telling a lie about her domicile, the Chairman defended her throughout the case proceedings. The case on her disqualification is still pending in IHC.

But she badly lacks her own circle of influence in the party at parliamentary and public level. Her appearances during the hardest times of Khan, March 08 to April 09, have been rare or very low profile. She has been seen nowhere in the public rallies of Imran before and after No Trust Move, submitted and implemented.

Only a small gathering was organized by another office bearer Tayyabah Ibrahim. It was an Iftar dinner in which Shah Mehmood Qureshi was also invited.

This scribe checked with some active PTI ladies on the nomination of Kanwal and most of them were not happy with Chairman’s decision. They, first opted to “no comments”. When this scribe insisted to share their opinion, they said on the condition of anonymity that ” Kanwal is not a public figure. She has attitude. Her qualification is disputed in the court. She is not close to majority of PTI women workers, office bearers and members of assemblies.”

Kanwal Shauzab has a hard task ahead as the head of women wing. She has to prove herself amongst a large number of already very active and contributing ladies who also have close contacts with the party leadership.


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