Imran Showered 195 Million PKR on “Global Village Space” – Dr Moeed Denies the Amount


Tazeen Akhtar

PTI people are most often calling the journalists with different opinion as LIFAFA’s (Money Takers) but actual LIFAFA’s were PTI’s own favorite media persons like Dr Moeed Pirzadah who is not a journalist but he became a media person to exploit the requirement of Imran Khan. It has been exposed by the concerned quarters that Dr Moeed Pirzada was paid 195 Million PKR in 3 years and 7 months of PTI government.

Dr Moeed denies it and confirm only 1 Million PKR advertisements were issued to his web in whole period of PTI Government.

Dr Moeed Pirzada received this huge amount drawn from the public exchequer in the name of his website “Global Village Space dot Com”. Former Prime Minister held Dr Moeed Pirzada in his good books always and showered the money on him like kings.

The matter was raised in a parliamentary committee by Raja Riaz MNA. The then Minister Shibli Fraz advocated the misuse of public money as ” This is Prime Minister’s prerogative to fund any private org.”

It is only one example that is enough to prove that a large media cell was being funded from government exchequer by former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Many reports and names are already viral on social media who are said to be the members of PTI media cell receiving hefty amounts in return of their propaganda campaigns in favor of Imran Khan.

Dr Moeed Pirzada is one name that is enough to prove that there are many more like Dr Arsalan Khalid and others who were fed by Chairman PTI from Public Money. All youtubers that are still propagating PTI’s narrative in their programs are also on the pay role.

The government of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is supposed to investigate all such cases and make them public who got what from the government funds.

Here it is worth noting that PTI Chairman and his kitchen cabinet members are always labeling the non party journalists as LIFAFAs but actually pro PTI media persons have turned out to be Big Lifafa’s.

In response to the details shared above, Dr Moeed says ” It is fictional figure. GVS is run on shoe string budgets. It has never seen this amount in its entire existence. Total government advertisements are less than 1 Million PKR in 4 years of PTI government.”


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