NAVAL EXERCISE BARRACUDA – XII – Pakistan Navy Fostering Collaboration for Marine Conservation Initiatives – Admiral Naveed

Message: Admiral Naveed Ashraf
Chief of Naval Staff Pakistan @Twelfth series of exercise BARRACUDA held on 2-4 Jan 2024.
Oceans play a vital role in providing sustenance, livelihoods, regulating climate patterns and nurturing unparalleled biodiversity. As a responsible member of global maritime fraternity, Pakistan has fostered collaboration with regional countries and engaged in global partnerships to safeguard marine conservation initiatives.
As part of its commitment to international maritime regulatory framework, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMS), being sole maritime law enforcement agency in the country ensures safety of life at sea and preserves nation’s marine resources. Pakistan Navy being the premier stakeholder of national maritime defence extends all out support to PMSA and augments Maritime Domain Awareness for preservation of sea-based resources and enduring ecological balance.
In the mix of contemporary maritime challenges, environmental complexities have added another layer to maritime security. These challenges not only jeopardize marine biodiversity but also have cascading effects on global climate patterns and livelihood of coastal communities.

NAVAL EXERCISE BARRACUDA-XII – Protecting the Oceans from Marine Pollution & Oil Spill Disasters

Among these environmental challenges, the looming specter of oil spills pose a critical concern and necessitate coordinated response by international and national stakeholders. In pursuit of these objectives, Pakistan Navy & PMSA have embarked on conducting international series of exercises code named ‘BARRACUDA’ under the overall ambit of National Marine Disaster Contingency Plan.
The aim of these exercises is to crystallize national response mechanism against oil spill disasters and contingent SAR requirements in collaboration with international partners.
Exercise BARRACUDA-XII will provide opportunity to review and align our response procedures to attain shared objective of pristine marine environment and safety of life at sea.
The Exercise will also provide a forum in the shape of maritime seminar to deliberate on contemporary technological advancements and global best practices in the field of marine pollution control.
The Exercise is set to reaffirm our national resolve and acknowledge the importance of oceans in our collective wellbeing and the need to protect and preserve them for our future generations.
 PMSA through Exercise BARRACUDA-XII will afford a valuable platform for the participants to exchange best practices, share experiences and learn from each other. The conduct of Exercise is a testament to our unwavering commitment and cooperation for enhancing maritime security, stream line SAR procedures and preserve marine environment in the North Arabian Sea.

NAVAL EXERCISE BARRACUDA XII – Safeguarding Mercantile Traffic of 90 % Global Trade – Rear Admiral Imtiaz Ali


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