OPERATION CLEAN UP IN BAIT UL MAAL BALOCHISTAN – 16 ADs and Others Face Terminations on Corruption

Tazeen Akhtar
The answer to the million dollar question as to where the central government funds go if not spent on the development of Balochistan has been found in a sense that lion share of funds is embezzled through corruption, ghost offices and enjoying perks and privileges without any work and deliverance. An operation clean up in Bait ul Maal Balochistan has given rise to the thought that the provincial authorities are equally responsible for the miserable condition of Balochistan as the Sardars are.
More than two dozen officers of Bait ul Maal in the home district and province of Caretaker Prime Minister were receiving salaries without doing anything and looting funds in the names of vocational centers and other programs without their existence. A surprise visit of a team from Islamabad to 5 districts of Balochistan found nothing in line with what was being reported to the head office.
One Habib Ullah from the same tribe of Caretaker Prime Minister “Kakkar” is the leader of the group facing the charges in the Bait ul Maal while a director in the head office has been found hand in glove with the accused.
Managing Director Amir Fida Piracha has terminated the service of 6 officers while others are in line of termination. In the meanwhile, the MD has been approached from various high quarters to give the mafia another chance but he has refused categorically.
On the other side, Habib Ullah Kakkar and the accused Assistant Directors deny all charges and seek hearing to their stance as well. They claim that a group in Bait ul Maal is biased against them. This situation has been engineered by design by the same group. Termination of service on executive orders is illegal. The administration should issue the show cause first. The group under inquiry and terminations seeks thorough investigation to the matter to reach the facts.
The group questions that how the embezzlement is possible when the head office has not issued any funds for last three years. As long as, salaries are concerned, the staff is receiving that with full performance and presences on duty. The representatives of the affected officers reject the allegation of ghost centers as well.


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