Pakistan Academy of Letters’ Seminar on Literary Relations between Pakistan & the World


Islamabad; 09 Sep 2021- Pakistan Academy of Letters under its Pakistan Diamond Jubilee Celebrations’ Programme held online seminar on the topic “75 Years of Literary Relations between Pakistan and Various Countries” in which writers and scholars from, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, United States, Oman, Iran, Brazil, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Japan, Germany, China, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Remarks, Egypt, Norway and Nepal participated.

Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters conducted the seminar. He noted that literary relations played a significance role for the interdependence of civilizations. In this regard, translation is the only key to get understanding of civilizations of the nations of the world.

Sharing the history of Pakistan in translating international work in Urdu, Chairman said that “Soon after the independence of Pakistan the Anjuman-e-Tarqi Urdu-Pakistan, Film and Publication Institute was established, under which the magazines and books (translations of various languages) were published. At the same time after independence the publishing houses of Russia, China and America have been translated and published their literature into Urdu language which deepen the literary relations of Pakistan with them.”

“Officially from the plate form of the Pakistan Academy of Letters, literature of dozens of countries from different continents has been extensively translated and published. However, the Governmental and non-Governmental organizations such as Majlis-e-Taraqi Adab, Idara Saqafat-e-Islamia, National Language and Promotion Department of Urdu, National Book Foundation, Urdu Science Board, Films and Publications, Pashto Academy, Balochi Academy, Sindhi Language Authority, Punjabi Literary Board, Sindhi Literary Board and many other literary organizations. Institutions working under the umbrella of all provinces such as Brahvi Acadmey, Gahandar Hindko Board, Lok Virsa and in Private Publishing Institutions, the Feroz Sons, Mashal, Qausain, Sang-e-Mel, Jamuri Publications Aaj, Sher-e-Zad, City Books, Maktaba Jadeed, Meir Library, Al-Hamra, Alqa, Fiction House and Book Home remained more popular in this regard.” He continued.

Dr. Yousuf Khushk  said from the platform of Pakistan Academy of Letters writers delegations visited Nepal, Belarus, Iran, China, India, Turkey and other countries. Similarly, the writers delegations from Tajikistan, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Oman, Belarus, Iran, China, India, Turkey and Uzbekistan have visited Pakistan in the Literary conferences/seminars organized by PAL and this practice is going on smoothly with various public and private institutions at national and international level.

Pakistan Academy of Letters have agreements with five countries, China, Belarus, Nepal, Oman and Turkey, while efforts are underway for Brazil, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Iran, Portugal, Germany, Kuwait and Ukraine and so on.

“Due to human inventions the world has become a global village which is not fully explored yet, but it looks that very soon human will become able to travel in the light waves and this global village will be converted into the solar village. The beauties of the other planets will also be felt like the way, we do enjoy the beauties of each other countries.” the Chairman concluded. 


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