Pakistan,Azerbaijan,Turkey – Three Countries One Nation- by -Tazeen Akhtar


Tazeen Akhtar

Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey are not three countries but actually, historically, socially, culturally, regionally and internationally they are one nation living in three states. Recently they have demonstrated that if we are united, we can change the path of history and we can write our destiny ourselves. The second Trilateral Dialogue between three brotherly sisterly states in Islamabad will pave the way towards more strong brotherhood sisterhood and partnership in all spheres of life including defence against the aggressor and their united stand against the occupation of their territories can finally bring freedom for their people who have been made hostages by the tyrant . The foreign ministers stressed the importance of transforming their warm and close relations into a robust economic partnership. The three sides  exchanged views on global & regional issues & explored possibilities of deepening trilateral cooperation in all areas of common interest.

Special attention towards Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, Armenian Illegally Occupied Nagorno-Karabakh of Azerbaijan, Greek’s Illegally Occupied lands of Cyprus Island ( for which Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is struggling for their liberation and recognition as full fledged state like EU has recognized the Greek Cyprus) and other regions of Muslim Majority occupied by others in other regions was quite satisfactory for the oppressed people of these regions that they are not alone and their representatives of well cognizant of their plight and will not leave them in the lurch.

Only couple of months ago, Azerbaijan thwarted the Armenian aggression and advances into her territories when the valiant forces and the people of this great nation accepted the challenge and stood tall in front of the threat. The World watched that Armenia was left with no option than leave many occupied areas and sign a peace deal with Azerbaijan. This carries a lesson for all those are still suppressing the people against their wish and will for example India, Israel and Armenia herself because still large part of Nagorno- Karabakh is under her illegal occupation.

Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan. Mr. Jeyhun Bayramov spoke highly about Pakistan in the joint press conference. He appreciated  Pakistani support during the Oct-Nov 2020  war and for condemning “Armenian occupation and war crimes”.

He rightly said that  three nations shared very strong bonds, the most important of which was a common vision and a solid foundation for growing cooperation. They believe in strong cooperation on sovereign policy. We condemn aggression and terrorism, and reject Islamophobia. We are located on ancient trade routes. Our cooperation will create jobs and contribute to raising the quality of life.

Bayramov invited Turkish and Pakistani companies to participate in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of lands freed from Armenian occupation. He said that we will be glad of your cooperation to bring this land back to life.

This is no doubt a golden opportunity for both countries to increase the level of cooperation that is not as high as are our political relations. Pakistani companies have secured good repute in construction, housing, power, infrastructure, communication and other sectors. These companies can further conduct research or surveys about how much contribution they can provide in the liberated lands of Nagorno – Karabakh.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan signed an agreement to cooperate with each other in case of emergency and calamities. That is heartening to note and matter of fact is that both nations need not any agreement signing to stand with each other in any difficult situation. Our hearts beat together and we are always here to reach to the help of each other.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu  shared resolve  to further upgrade trade, investment, defense, educational and cultural cooperation. He said we will maintain high-level exchanges and further build strategic relationship to the mutual benefit of our countries and peoples.

Turkey and Pakistan are bigger in population and potential than Azerbaijan. They are independent for more time than Azerbaijan. They are working on strengthening bilateral cooperation for 7 decades while Azerbaijan secured sovereignty only 3 decades ago. But , as the Turkish FM noted that Pak-Turkey trade volume $ 800 Million only is not satisfactory if we count the bilateral history of relations, from recognition, establishing diplomatic ties, Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD) in 60s to Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) etc. Further , the present volume was achieved  in last 10 years only. Here we can see the Pak -Turk Schools network (Moaarif), Construction of Metro, Rental Power Generation, Contracts of Cleanliness in Lahore and Rawalpindi and most discussed and debated Turkish Air. Important to note for Pakistan is , the balance of this economic or trade volume is in favor of Turkey.

Mr. Mevlut Cavusoglu said that 100 Turkish companies are working in Pakistan. We can find few of them in our memory and observation. Some of them are engaged in the projects mentioned above and the rest are known by the journalists even who exclusively work on diplomatic beat and Pak-Turkey relations. Government of Pakistan or Turkey are supposed to issue a list of these companies for our knowledge and reference.

That is all very good to note but other things are also happening on the sidelines that tell a different story at the side of government of Pakistan. Albayrak was working on solid waste management in Lahore whose contract was cancelled only a week before Turkish Foreign Minister was visiting Islamabad. Not only that but Dr Firdaus Ashiq, the adviser to Chief Minister held a press conference only to point out corruption in awarding the contract to this company by the then CH Shahbaz Shareef. The representatives of this company reacted few days later that the allegations leveled by Dr Firdaush Ashiq are baseless and we will challenge her in the court of law.

Moreover, after the visit of Turkish FM , on 16 Jan 2021, Civil Aviation Pakistan moved against Turkish Air to fine the company one hundred thousand pkr on the charges of violating corona SoP set by CAA for the airlines. Turkish Air is said to bring 2 passengers from Dakar (B Category Country) to Lahore via Istanbul and did not make sure that they are corona negative. CAA has not mentioned that the two passengers were corona positive or not ?

Question is how this trilateral cooperation can flourish when one major country is being treated in this way? Turkey always stood by Pakistani side through thick and thin. Government of Pakistan is supposed to look into above mentioned matters as early as possible to solve them amicably.



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