PNA;Battle of Jerusalem entails the unification of Palestinian capabilities to confront the Israeli war machine


Islamabad; 23th of April 2021 – Palestine National Council (PNC) said that the battle of Jerusalem, which was sparked by the heroes of this Holy City, came in response to the daily racist crimes committed by the occupation and its terrorist groups of settlers against the citizens of Jerusalem, and these crimes have escalated, especially since the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan.

In a press statement issued today, PNC indicated that the Israeli occupation authorities have transformed the city of Jerusalem, the capital of our eternal state, as well as the neighborhoods of Jerusalem into military barracks, chased their sons, erected iron barriers in squares and yards, and attacked worshipers and prevented them from reaching the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

PNC called for the unification of all Palestinian energy and capabilities, and to reject and abandon all that leads to weakening the front of confrontation and facing the Israeli occupation and its crimes, and to engage in this honorable national battle that the people of Jerusalem are waging with courage and valor on behalf of the Arab and Islamic nations.

History will not show mercy to the delinquents in defending the first Qibla and the third of the two Holy Mosques, PNC said, and called for a practical Arab and Islamic position to support and back the defenders of the city of Jerusalem, to keep its Arabic and Islamic identity, in the face of the machine of Israeli terrorism, Judaization and aggression of terrorist organizations protected and supported by the government of the extreme right-wing Israeli occupation.

PNC also called on the international community to provide urgent protection to the Palestinian people from the crimes of the occupation and settler terror, especially in the city of Jerusalem, which is subjected to organized aggression, incursions and continuous attacks on Christian and Islamic holy sites foremost of which is Al-Aqsa, in addition to ethnic cleansing and forced displacement of  of Jerusalem citizens from their city.

PNC praised the steadfastness of the people of Jerusalem and its youth who adhered to their Arab Palestinian identity, and refused to submit to the policies of the Israeli occupation, or surrender to the imbalance of power with it and its criminal gangs.


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