Russia Rejects the Claim of Destruction of its Drone in Romania Near the Border of Ukraine

Moscow: 13 Sep 2023 – The spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation has rejected the claim made by Romania of destruction of Russian Drone near border with Ukraine. She was asked a question in her press briefing as”What is her comment on Bucharest’s protest in connection with them finding in Romanian territory, near the border with Ukraine the wreckage of a drone similar to the craft used by the Russian forces in the course of their aggression against Ukraine?
She replied, “ Do you remember the movie, where the Wizard mentions the “non-dream dream, or a dream about a non-dream?”  This is exactly about “the non-dream dream, or a dream about a non-dream.”
“It is just absurd. This is an inconsistent and controversial juggling with God knows what rather than the facts. No one understands what it was. Everyone is asking: What was it? My reply is that you had better ask the Romanians and not me. How can you explain their position? Can it be explained at all? She questioned the journalist.
Maria said, “They will take any position of this sort. This concoction is convenient and involves no responsibility. “Stories” of this sort can be ascribed to and blamed on others. All of this is an anti-Russia information attack. The Romanians still lack a clear and objective picture of the event. No one can understand what they are trying to say. We consider their demarche as primarily a propaganda move in the highly likely style. There are no facts but they are bending over backwards to convince the public that it is highly likely something did occur. This is part of NATO’s effort to support the Kiev regime.”

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