Russian threat approaching EU borders: Putin to topple Lukashenko, preparing official “Anschluss” of Belarus

Islamabad: Monitoring Desk –  According to the U.S.-based Robert Lansing Institute for the Global Threats and Democracy Studies, Russia is considering the option of killing the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, in order to involve his country in the war against Ukraine. On the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian military intelligence may try in the near future to implement a scenario involving an overthrow of Belarusian government.
Currently, the Belarusian leadership is facing the Putin regime’s predatory plans regarding their country. Russian intelligence has already launched a plan to get rid of Lukashenko, up to his physical elimination. In place of the illegally elected president of Belarus, the Kremlin could appoint General Aleksandr Volfovich of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus or Stanislav Zas of the CSTO Secretariat. Both of them are ready to send the Belarusian army to the war grinders in Ukraine and thus start the process of finalizing Belarus’ accession to Russia, allegedly in order to prevent a military threat coming from Ukraine and Poland.
The sudden death of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Vladimir Makey, on November 26 sharply increases the likelihood of the most radical destabilization scenarios for Belarus and actually launched the plan to remove Lukashenka from power.
Makey was healthy and recently returned from his trip to Yerevan, where he participated in a session of the CSTO Collective Security Council. It was there that Makey could have been poisoned with some unknown deadly agent in the best traditions of the Russian intelligence.
Many people know that the multi-vector nature of Lukashenko’s behavior rested on Makey, who was, in fact, the country’s second most important man. He was a staunch supporter of preserving the sovereignty of Belarus. Under him, the absorption of Belarus by Russia would be impossible. Makey was a categorical opponent of the army’s participation in Russian hostilities against Ukraine.
With the death of Makey, Lukashenko has no guarantors left to ensure his independence from the Kremlin. The top diplomat was the main ideologist of the “policy of distancing Belarus from the Russian Federation.” He is the author of a number of political “demarches” made by Belarus, which had annoyed Russia so much until 2020.

Makey’s death effectively nullifies any possible dialogue between Minsk and the West. There is no second figure of Makey’s level in the Belarusian political elite.This may indicate the beginning of Lukashenko’s overthrow, the Anschluss of the Belarusian territory by Russia and the latter’s effort to drag Belarus into an unnecessary bloody war against Ukraine.


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