Serena Hotels and Margalla Greens Golf Club hosted the closing ceremony of the “Tee to Triumph” golf programme.

ISLAMABAD: Serena Hotels, through its Sports Diplomacy Initiative, partnered with MGGC to launch its ‘Tee to Triumph’ Golf Training Programme for girls. The programme launched on the 31st of July and culminated on the 11th of August with a certificate & awards-distribution ceremony. This unique programme was designed to empower young girls by training them in the game to promote gender equality and foster sportsmanship.
Mr. Aziz Boolani, CEO Serena Hotels, announced the launch of this initiative at the last Invitational Golf Tournament held in February 2023 in partnership with MGGC. The Training Programme helped highlight talented young girls aged 10 to 22 and provided them with extensive training sessions which helped improve their game through comprehensive coaching, mentorship, and opportunities to showcase their talent on the golf course. 38 young girls participated in this programme and learned all elements of the game taught by the MGGC team, which did an exceptional task of mentoring these talented young girls.
The chief guest was the exceptional Mrs. Yasmeen Mubarik Ali Khan, who has been playing golf since 1963 at the age of 13 and is a legendary name in golf with seven wins under her belt. She has represented Pakistan internationally twice in Sri Lanka and once in Bangladesh.
She expressed her delight at the initiative that Serena Hotels has taken and showed her enthusiasm at a regular part of Serena Hotels’ Sports Diplomacy Initiatives, “Serena Hotels has done a marvelous job of highlighting the need for girls in golf, and with this initiative and provided them a platform to learn and engage with other golfers of their age, we all look forward to the continuation of this great programme and look forward to many more in the future.


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