The Son of Member Board of Revenue AJK Misusing Official Vehicle – Col R Father Constructing Girls Hotel in Residential Area

Raja Liaqat
Member Board of Revenue Azad Kashmir Colonel R Liaqat’s official vehicle being used by his son who is all set to run a girls hostel, a commercial and objectionable activity in the residential area. An enthusiastic son in the Swan Garden in Islamabad is continuous pain for other residents. Instead of Liaqat, the vehicle is used by his son who roams around in the Swan Garden, a few hundred feet away from the Lohi Bir police station.
Retired Colonel Liaqat has started building a girls hostel in a residential house, the work is going on despite the prohibition of the society and the administration.
He has started building a girls hostel in the house number 31 of D block, street number one of Swan Garden. Dozens of residents of this street have forbidden him to do so, saying that prostitution and drug dealing are common in the premises of the girls hostel. Due to which moral crimes have increased a lot, but this young man traveling on the official vehicle did not care.
The society management was denied through a formal written notice but they still did not stop on which the residents have applied to the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Memon.He has also sought an immediate report from the concerned authorities.
This scribe contacted Col R Liaqat on his mobile number and tried to contact him regarding the illegal use of an official vehicle and the illegal construction of a residential building as a girls’ hostel. He didn’t answer.
The Swan Garden Society management, however, said that if the person continued the illegal activity, not only the house would be sealed but also a case would be registered with the police. More details are pouring in.


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