Ukrainian Veterans Never Thought They Would Be Shot at by Russian Troops


Islamabad/ Pakistan: Editor’s Monitoring Desk – February 24, 2022, was the day when Ukrainians had to start fighting the Patriotic War in their defense against Russian Invasion. The war that Russia unleashed for the sake of the complete extermination of Ukrainians and destruction of Ukraine.

Thousands of Ukrainian veterans could not believe that the Russian people, once close to them, would wish them harm. This harm was the war and all the destruction it has brought to the Ukrainian land.

Russia is systematically pummeling Ukrainian cities. Even during World War 2, the Nazis did not commit such massive atrocities and destruction.

Russia is a neo-Nazi state seeking to exterminate the last living veterans of World War 2 and practicing the methods of the Nazis by committing crimes against humanity.

Russians do not understand the meaning of the words “humanity” and “compassion”. In Ukraine, they destroy everyone: women, children, and the elderly. Russian evil is senseless and merciless: it destroys cities and leads to thousands of victims in the name of destruction as such.

February 24, 2022, is an analogue of June 22, 1941: every Ukrainian will forever remember this day, which deprived Ukraine of a peaceful sky.

Russia is covered in indelible shame: a neo-Nazi state that is killing Ukrainian civilians, destroying Ukrainian cities, and trampling on the memory of World War 2 veterans.

The blood of peaceful Ukrainians will forever remain the fault of Russia, the successor of Nazi Germany.

Russia has destroyed the date on which we commemorated the veterans’ exploits
On May 9, 1945, the world celebrated the victory over the Nazi invaders. Now we are witnessing the formation of a new, deadly ideology of ruscism, threatening to bring innumerable disasters and suffering to mankind.

The republics of the USSR fought together against Nazi Germany. Modern Putin’s Russia trampled on the memory of their ancestors and imposed an indelible shame on their memory. The atrocities committed by the Russian army are the worst war crimes in centuries, surpassing those of the German Nazis.

Russia is planning a pompous Victory Day celebration in parallel lines with the ongoing war unleashed against Ukraine. The Kremlin has no moral right to celebrate a once great victory by committing acts of Nazi genocide against Ukrainians.

Russia accuses the whole world of Nazism, but it is Russia that exactly fits this term. Following the Soviet cliché of portraying the aggressor as victim, the Kremlin is purposefully implementing the neo-Nazi ideology of ruscism.
After the war unleashed against Ukraine, Russia should be deprived of the status of a World War 2 victor. Russia is an aggressor power preaching h a neo-Nazi ideology.

Russia is creating a Nazi society that welcomes the genocide of Ukrainians on ethnic grounds. Criminal propaganda has led the Russians to hate the whole world and believe that Russia has its own “special path.”

Russia has destroyed the May 9 holiday.

After a full-scale military aggression was unleashed against Ukraine, the May 9 holiday lost its significance. Russia has forever stained it with ruscism, a misanthropic ideology designed by the Kremlin.

The celebration of Victory Day is overshadowed by the loss of human lives and atrocities by Russian troops against the Ukrainian people, who once opposed Nazism on an equal footing with other victors.

Russian war crimes reenact the horrific memories of Nazi behavior during World War 2. Mass executions, rape, and looting – even the German Nazis did not do this at such scale.

The whole world believed in the victory over Nazism, but modern Russia invented an improved a form of Nazism – ruscism – which threatens the modern world order that has been taking shape in Europe for decades.

Russia has devalued its victory over Nazism. At the Kremlin’s fault, all the spirit that the USSR built around victory has been lost. Russia is also trying to commemorate Victory Day with pathos – the pathos of Nazi Germany.

In Russia, against the backdrop of the failure in the war against Ukraine, they plan to achieve at least some sort of “victory” before May 9 for the sake of an internal audience, seeking to occupy those Ukrainian territories that they physically can, committing genocide of Ukrainians on ethnic grounds.

For Putin’s Russia, May 9 is the day of crimes committed against peaceful Ukrainians – thousands of women and children murdered for the sake of Putin’s manic aspirations.


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