“Uzbekistan Through the Eyes of Pakistani Children” -Paintings Contest to Pay Tributes to Zahir ud Din Babur


Islamabad; 14 Feb 2020 – The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Islamabad organized  a ceremony of prize distribution to the winners of Painting Contest “Uzbekistan Through the Eyes of Pakistani Children” at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in order to pay tribute and to celebrate the birthday of the great Zahir Ud Din Muhammad BABUR.

More than 100 young students (6-12 years) from different top schools in Islamabad  participated in this competition. The Embassy posted the beautiful paintings on official profile of the Embassy on Facebook.

The contest started on 7th of February and ended on 13th of February. The winners were announced on the basis of likes on the painting pictures of the students. Almost 15 Thousand people have showed their interest by liking the pictures of the young students.

The competition ended yesterday at 6pm and according to the results, Davarzani Ekaterina is the winner  as she got 1800 likes on her painting picture. Aribah Basit stood 2nd  as 1400 people have liked her painting. Amalia got 3rd position as she received 1300 likes on her painting picture and Muhammad Mustufa came 4th with almost 700 likes .

All the winners of the contest were invited today as guests at the Embassy of Uzbekistan. The Ambassador of Uzbekistan appreciated the work of young students and distributed gifts like LED TV, Tablets, Mobile Phone and Drawing Set amongst them.


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