VIRUS ORIGIN- China Challenges Back “USA should open Fort Detrick, Overseas Labs, What happened in Virgina & Wisconsin?”


Islamabad ; 27 May 2021 – China has challenged USA on the origin tracing of the COVID virus with some details that hint as if China has some solid information about suspicious activities in US labs. Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr Zhao Lijian has said;

” If the US side truly demands a completely transparent investigation, it should follow China’s lead to invite the WHO experts to the US, open Fort Detrick and bio-labs overseas to the rest of the world, and disclose the detailed data and information on the unexplained outbreaks of respiratory disease in northern Virginia in July, 2019 and the EVALI outbreak in Wisconsin. We urge the US and other relevant countries to cooperate with the WHO in a scientific, open and transparent manner.”

During a press briefing on 26 May, he continued that  Origin-tracing of the virus is a scientific issue. The purpose is to improve human’s understanding of the virus and better guard against infectious diseases in the future.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, China took the lead to support the WHO in conducting researches on origin-tracing on a global scale. From January 14 to February 10 this year, the WHO international expert team carried out an in-depth study in Wuhan together with the Chinese experts for one month or so. Experts on both sides jointly made field trips, analyzed a large number of statistics, issued an authoritative study report, and reached many significant conclusions. This joint study actively promoted the origin-tracing globally.

Zhao Lijian said that some people in the US talk about “facts”, when what is really on their mind is political manipulation. Every time when the issue of pandemic is brought up, they smear and attack China, while totally ignoring the doubts over the origin-tracing work and failure of pandemic response in the US. They are obsessed with spreading “lab leak theory” and other conspiracy theories and disinformation. What they did is total disrespectful of the spirit of science and research results of the WHO expert team, and undermines global anti-epidemic efforts and solidarity.

“I want to stress again that, according to the clues, reports and researches, the COVID-19 pandemic was spotted in various places around the world early in the second half of 2019. China takes the origin-tracing work seriously with a responsible attitude, and has made positive contributions that are widely recognized.” He concluded.


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