We want Free Fair Election in Pakistan – USA is not starting any Project in Gawader – Ambassador Donald Blome

Tazeen Akhtar
Ambassador of USA to Pakistan, Mr. Donald Blome has said that his meetings with politicians are meant to get the information of political situation in Pakistan.
“What we want is free and fair election in Pakistan, he answered to the questions of this scribe at a reception by Poland Embassy on the eve of 21 Nov 2023.
To another question that recently you met with politicians in Lahore and Multan who are mainly from the parties that are supposed to be in the next government including PMLN, PPP and Tehreek e Istehkam e Pakistan, the Ambassador replied that he had meeting with PTI leaders as well.
This scribe asked him about his visit to Gawader and if USA has any plan to start some project there? Ambassador said, ” We are starting no project in Gawader.”
Ambassador shared that he visited Balochistan two times since when he has assumed the charge in Pakistan. We are working in education sector of Balochistan in collaboration with two universities.”


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