Ambassador Finland President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce Discuss Increase in Bilateral Trade

ISLAMABAD:  A delegation of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the leadership of President Saqib Rafiq met the Ambassador of Finland in Islamabad, Hannu Ripatti, in the meeting they discussed increasing bilateral trade, investment opportunities, exploration of non-traditional sectors, SIFC Facilitation, cooperation and sector-based information sharing, waste management and recycling, networking and tourism related issues were discussed.
Speaking to the delegation, Ambassador Hannu Riptti said that Finland is keen to strengthen trade relations with Pakistan and mutual partnership can help accelerate business activities.
Accepting the invitation to visit RCCI, the ambassador said that he is planning to visit various chambers of commerce with the aim of enhancing better relations and cooperation. He said that Finland has reopened its mission in Pakistan after a 10-year closure.
The ambassador said that a temporary space is being used in the Serena Business Complex, but “soon the old office will be restored and visas will be opened.” Normal work will be started including issuance of He said that the Business Council of Finland will host a business summit in Pakistan in February 2024 and relevant information will be shared with the Chamber of Commerce.
In response to a question, he said that a large number of Pakistani students are studying in Finland. However, students face problems as they do not have long-term visas which require sending applications to Abu Dhabi which takes time.
RCCI President Saqib Rafiq, who also holds the portfolio of Chairman Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC), discussed opportunities in waste management, waste recycling and waste-to-energy. In the meeting, Senior Vice President Muhammad Hamzah Sarosh, Vice President Faisal Shahzad, Executive Committee members Abdul Rauf, Mudassar Maqbool were also present.

Hospitality Operation and Management – joint venture of NUTECH and Finland TVET System


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