‘Beyond Labels’ celebrating Children with Disabilities – Fashion Show at Serena Hotels Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Serena Hotels in collaboration with True Sight organized a groundbreaking fashion event called Beyond Labels. This inspiring fashion show aimed to celebrate and empower children with disabilities, redefining beauty transcending the boundaries of traditional fashion.
True Sight founded by Atif Kayani is dedicated to ensure access and opportunity for children with disabilities. In a world where diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly vital, Beyond Labels stands as a testament to the belief that beauty knows no bounds.
This spectacular event took place on 18th September at Islamabad Serena Hotel, bringing together children with various abilities to showcase their unique talents and personalities that transcends any perceived limitations. Ambassador of Portugal H.E Frederico Silva, Ambassador of Italy H.E Andreas Ferrarese, diplomats from Kazakhstan and Ukraine graced the occasion with the dignitaries in attendance from government, sports, corporate and diplomatic circle.
Attendees had the opportunity to hear inspiring stories from children who have overcome challenges and embraced their uniqueness, serving as a source of inspiration and empowerment for all.
Talking to media, the team from Serena expressed that Serena Hotels is committed to fostering inclusiveness and representation, we have recently signed an MOU with Connect Hear to provide quality communication to guests with hearing impairment.
We will continue to provide platform to people from all groups to further their talent and potential.The event engaged the local community to raise awareness about the importance of inclusiveness and promoting acceptance and support for children with disabilities.


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