Zainab Shahzad

It is more than a one and half year since the outbreak of first corona case back in Wuhan, China and since turned into Pandemic on global scale, which shattered  the world. Even the financial and economic centers were shaken with a big jolt. China being an emerging global power both politically and economically took the challenge and faced it amicably. China focused upon preparing the vaccine and made it available for all without any exploitation. It helped China make new friends by engaging in soft diplomacy. China is providing its vaccine over 40 countries including Pakistan.

 China has increased the production of vaccine Sinopharm. Many countries do not accept Sinopharm vaccination and ask the travelers to have other preferably that manufactured in the west. But they failed to convince their own citizen. There are reports that many citizens in the western countries are selecting Sinopharm instead of Astra and others. This popularity of Sino has encouraged China to thwart US blames more powerfully. Further it has placed China at a better place than US. Now China has more global influence than before while US has lost credibility.

In the history in any pandemic or epidemic, USA was the leading state and on the driving seat like in case of Ebola, HIV/AIV, Polio, Dengue-  vaccines manufactured and distributed through World Health Organization to wherever the problem was found and treatment was needed. But now the situation is quite different.  Instead of USA and other hegemonic powerful dominant western states, the world has different options, equal or even better than US or western vaccines.

China provided the first dose to the President of Chile. The president  called  press conference at airport and stated that “Today is the movement of joy not just for me but for the people of Chile because China has come  to help us during the tough time.”

Chile signed an agreement of cooperation in fighting against Corona that will certainly enhance the influence of China in Latin America where some countries are already annoyed with USA.

Similarly China is paving the way into Europe as well. China  provided  vaccine  to Serbia where dire need of the treatment was felt on urgent basis and China was the first to reach them.

Pakistan has imported millions of Sinopharm from China sending special planes for local requirement. It is the time to share the experiences and expertise with each other to start its production in Pakistan. China as all weather friend is expected to extend all out support in this regard.


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