Empowering Social Media Influencers for Public Health: PANAH Conducts Training Session in Murree

Murree: Pakistan holds the top position globally in terms of the highest prevalence ratio of the diabetes with 33 million people living with diabetes. Approximately 1100 deaths in Pakistan are linked to diabetes and its complications daily.
Without swift and decisive action, the number of individuals with diabetes is projected to reach 62 million by 2045. Ultra-processed foods are often very high in sugary, salt or trans-fats. Sweet beverages stand out as the primary source of sugar intake in our diet.
Implementing evidence –based policies, such as increasing taxes on sweet drinks and mandatory FOPWL on UPPs can effectively reduce consumption and mitigate associated chronic diseases.
In response to the alarming rise of obesity and non-communicable diseases in Pakistan, the Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) hosted a capacity-building training session for social media influencers on the 25th of February 2024 at a local hotel in Murree.

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The training aimed to equip influencers with the knowledge and tools to advocate for healthier dietary practices and combat the growing threat posed by ultra-processed foods and sugary drinks.
The social media influencers were engaged in a robust discussion on the role they can play in raising awareness about the health hazards of ultra-processed foods and sugary drinks.
They were capacitated to influence policymakers to prioritize mandatory FOPL and warning signs regulations, as well as advocating for increase taxes on sugary drinks. The event was not only an informative session but also served as a platform for fostering a collaborative effort among social media influencers and PANAH to collectively address the pressing public health challenges.
By providing influencers with the tools to enhance positive change, the training session played a pivotal role in advancing the collective mission of public health in Pakistan.
Country coordinator Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) Mr. Munawar Hussain conducted the training session of the social media influencers. General Secretary PANAH, Mr. Sanaullah Ghumman hosted the event. Certificates were disbursed among the participants of the event.

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