“IF you do not Elect My Son – You will not get Single Rupee of My Fund” – Arrogant Minister’s Video Viral


Tazeen Akhtar

Federal Minister Railway Azam Khan Sawati has threatened the people of Mansehra of depriving them of development funds if his son is not elected the Mayor in coming local government elections in KPK.

He is seen in a viral video saying ;

“Record my video and send it where ever you want to. If you will not vote my son for Mayor, you will not get a single rupee from my fund.”

An arrogant minister can be seen clearly sharing that he stopped funds of PMLN MPAs and MNA of Hazara region.

This is what going on in the country. Azam Sawati has already a bad record of misusing of his powers as federal minister.

Election Commission of Pakistan can take notice of Azam Sawati’s statement admitting exploiting public funds to maneuver theĀ  election process.

He was just a businessman in USA when he secured a ticket from Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and became a senator in the past. He is known to buy the seat with his money. He is accused as absconder from USA after indulging in some fraudulent activity that he denies.


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