“Judges Dance on the Fingers of their Wives Who are Supporters of PTI ” Bajwa’s Remarks Analyzed with History of Judiciary -by – Tazeen Akhtar


Tazeen Akhtar

Former Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has exposed the judges of superior judiciary stating ” The wives and families of judges are fan of Imran Khan. They influence the judges to issue verdicts in Imran’s favor.” Mr. Bajwa said this in an interview with journalist Shahid Maitla. Former Chief also shared ” A woman from the family of Justice Ather Minallah is close friend of Imaan Mazari the daughter of Shereen Mazari ( a diehard supporter and former member of Imran’s cabinet). That is the reason, Justice Ather Minallah gave relief to Shereen Mazari.”

I remember when Farooq Bindial the younger brother of CJP Ataa Bindial joined PTI. Imran Khan embraced him in the line of angels with PTI band around his neck. I pointed out at social media, as soon as I noticed the picture, that Farooq Bindial is the same who broke into the home of renown film star Shabnam in 80s. Farooq and his accomplices raped Shabnam on gun point. Later the film star withdrew her FIR on the unbearable pressure exerted by the then high officials of Punjab who happened to be the relatives of Farooq Bindial. I shared all the detail on social media and in few hours it was viral everywhere. It was only then that Imran issued a statement ” I did not know the history of Farooq Bindial. I am not taking him in my party.”
Here it is worth calling that Shereen Mazari was arrested by police in a case against her in anti corruption Punjab regarding land snatching form the farmers of her constituency in Rajanpur district. Her daughter aIman Mazari blamed General Bajwa as responsible for the arrest of her mother. What General Bajwa blamed about the judges generally and about Justice Ather Minallah particularly can be read in the light of above mentioned case and other exposures that have already exposed his kindness for Imran Khan and PTI.
Not only Shereen Mazari was rescued by Justice Ather Minallah but her daughter Imaan was also a big beneficiary of special treatment of the Justice. Imaan was facing three cases on the charges of revolt against the state. 1- Directly accused the Army Chief (Bajwa)for arrest of her mother 2- Criticizing the statement of DG ISPR(Asif Ghufoor – Regarding the performance of Government) 3- Solidarity with Baloch students who staged protest in front of National Press Club and assaulted the Police personnel there.
Now, here are two questions to be seen. 1- Mr. Bajwa has contradicted the interview , not directly but through some close anchorpersons. 2- Justice Ather Minallah should clear his position or remain silent on the allegation ?
Lets see the 1 first. Is it possible that a journalist attributes something with none other than the most powerful person of the country? I dont think so. Is it difficult for Bajwa to contradict the content of the interview himself rather negate it through some other journalist? Again I dont think so.
Come to 2 now. Justice Ather Minallah has been kind to Imran even if Bajwa’s statement is not considered as correct or factual. In a recent hearing, Justice Ather Minallah said, ” Imran Khan is not a common man. He is leader with a large following.”
Generally speaking, there are many examples in which some judges of superior judiciary have provided extra ordinary relief to Imran Khan. We need not go deep into history of years like Chief Justice Saqib Nisar ordered CDA to regulate the land occupied by Imran Khan illegally at Bani Gala. We have clear cut example of Bulk Bails on 18th of March, the current month.
It is, therefore, safe to say that the Judges’ conduct, remarks and rulings are not in accordance to their status even if the statement of Mr. Bajwa is not considered as genuine. Fact is the same what has been discussed in the interview or not discussed.
Judiciary as the most important pillar of the state, should not be disputed in the eyes of the general public. The judges are supposed to review their conduct and correct their conduct before it is too late and even the contempt of court option becomes of no use. Especially, Justice Ather Minallah should come forward to clarify what has been hurled upon him as a politically charged judge.
Here it is worth mentioning that a reference against him is already pending at Supreme Judicial Council on his misconduct as a judge. This reference was filed by a lawyer Ali Mujtaba in the start of 2022. Ali Mujtaba applied for membership of National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR) but was not considered. The then Federal Secretary of Ministry of Human Rights, Ms Rabia Javeri Aagha, herself occupied this seat after taking early retirement from the post of the secretary of the same ministry under which command the NCHR works.
Rabia Javeri Aagha’s act was totally illegal but her social contacts and personal influence did not let anyone raise voice but Ali Mujtaba only. She availed the perks and privileges of a Justice that was again against the law. Ali challenged her posting as Chairperson as illegal in the court of Justice Ather Minallah that was dismissed by the honorable Justice. The petitioner filed intra court appeal and in the hearing the petitioner was humiliated and taunted by another Justice making his favoritism for Ms Rabia Javery in a very clear manner.
The judges do not speak but their decisions speak and the decisions of some judges are speaking a lot about their political liking and disliking. This state of the affairs at the superior judiciary is more detrimental for the state than the ongoing political chaos in the country or the financial default like situation of the economy. Therefore, it is the time when we have to decide purely on merits without personal interests if we want to save the state.

Judges were never as disputed as they are today. But they are not the only culprits of destruction here. Generals equally contributed to the mess created in a land about whom they always boast of that it is in safe hands. They were clearly dictating the judiciary to secure decisions against PM Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. Civil Bureaucracy have always benefited in tussle between politicians and the generals. So called mainstream media anchorpersons also keep many black sheep who have always accelerated the process of instability on the behest of the powerful, either politicians or generals.


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