Tazeen Akhtar
Kakkar Formula is famous or notorious whatever in Pakistani politics when Army Chief took resignations from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif BaBu and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan BaBa in 1993. BaBa wanted that BaBu should work under his experienced command that was actually the Establishment side while BaBu made clear “I will not take Dictation.” Finally BaBa dissolved the Assembly and government of BaBu but Chief Justice Pakistan Naseem Hassan Shah restored both creating an awkward situation for BaBa of Establishment. So definitely “they” moved to rescue their BaBa and it was only then that COAS Abdul Waheed Kakkar took resignations from both relieving both of them from more confrontation. This is called Kakkar Farmula though no deeply thoughtful methodology is found here to call it a formula.
Now, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and “Opposition Leader” (if someone considers him) Raja Riaz “Consulted” each other and agreed on the name of Senator Anwaar ul Haqq Kakkar for caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan. I call it again “Kakkar Formula” because I see the same hands behind to pick up a name that has astonished many in the political circles. He is the man of the establishment.
Anwaar ul Haqq Kakkar does not hail from any political family and came in lime light only in 2018 when he was inducted in the Senate of Pakistan. He had no party affiliation that can give some margin to him that his party supported him to sit is the higher chamber of Pakistani parliament. He was independent and contested Senate election on general seat. How come? A non political, common person can become a Senator without any support from some powerful quarter? Not possible.
The same we observed with the incumbent Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani. He was simply a political coordinator of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. After only a few years, he was first Senator of Pakistan and he did not stop there, but was elevated direct to top seat of the top parliamentary chamber of the country. How come? Without support from the powerful circles? Not Possible.
The public of Pakistan was having fun on social media that when PM and Opposition Leader will sit for consultation on Caretaker, both will ask each other who is the person? And apparently same happened because our political observation spanned on last three decades says that the name announced (Mr. Kakkar) was not even the lowest corner of the minds of both of them. This name has come from somewhere else.
Sanjrani is said to rise to the highest position thanks to the trust and assignment of General Faiz Hameed. He joined him as confidant when YRG relieved him from the service. The notion gets weight as no one can reach to the position within no time without the hands behind. A question raises here that now when General Faiz is go went gone , why and how Sanjrani is continuing at the same selected position? The answer is Sanjrani already left a Master and took refuge to another who was more powerful than the previous one. YRG was disqualified for 5 years by CJP Iftkhar Chaudhary for not writing letter to the then President for restoration of Judges, terminated by General P. Musharraf. What YRG could do for his servant when he himself was out from office and politics.
Anwaar ul Haqq Kakkar having no political base and background is elevated to Senator and further promoted as caretaker PM means that he also has some powerful hands behind him. Shehba and Riaz can never consult and agree on his name.
Why Anwaar ?
PMLN was forwarding the name of Ishaq Dar as a chroney confidant while PPP was lobbeying for Jalil Abbas Jilani former secretary foreign affairs , relative of YRG, Hafeez Sheikh’s name was being discussed as the candidate of IMF. Imran is considered irrelevant but he is still the leader of a big mainstream party. He would never concede to the name suggested by PMLN or PPP and that with the consultation of a puppet opposition leader. Anwaar is not a known person to any of these stake holders. Not know also means no problem with anyone. Now no one is the winner and no one is a loser in the FORMATION of caretaker set up in the country.
Next Question: He is able to do the justice with this responsibility?
Certainly as mentioned above with no political base ( some circles attaching him with Balochistan Awami Party BAP but he was not with BAP when selected as Senator) how he can handle the complications of a mess that already gripped the country including political and financial crisis and turmoils. The answer is , he will be implementing the orders only. Definitely he has been brought to get the directions be stamped by an apparently political person. He will have experts in his cabinet provided by the supporters who brought him in the Senate earlier. So everything is under control.
What does it Mean for Nawaz and Zardari
It means that everything is not happening as per MNS or AAZ’ wish and will. CJP Bindial already ruled Review of Superem Court Judgments Act as null and void , unconstitutional. Nawaz was disqualified for politics. The incomplete Parliament passed the law that the disqualification period will be for 5 years , one term only and not for life. PM Shehbaz announced couple of days before the ruling of CJP that MNS is returning next month. It was only for the ground was cleared for him but the new moves from CJP and the appointment of “their” man as caretaker has altered the scene almost altogether. Similarly, the ground is not all clear for AAZ as well. PPP is looking forward to form the next government but the dream may not come true after the developments from other sides.
For both Political Bosses , in Persian ” Hunooz Dilli Door Ast”



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