Pakistan Appreciates Turkey’s Proposal for Joint History Commission to Ascertain the Facts of 1915


Islamabad; 25 April 2021 – Pakistan has called to refrain from one sided political statements on historical events like 1915 related to Armenia.

Responding to media queries on the statements made by certain governments describing the events of 1915 related to Armenia, the Spokesperson said:

We have taken note of statements made by some governments on the events of 1915.

We believe that one-sided approaches and political categorization of historical events could undermine trust and lead to polarization between nations.

We note with appreciation Turkey’s constructive approach on the subject including its proposal for a Joint History Commission to ascertain the facts, allowing all to move forward.

US President Joe Biden  marked the deportation and killing of Armenians during the Ottoman Empire as “genocide” in 1915 that has been rejected by Turkey and Azerbaijan.


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