USA Ambassador Inaugurates Punjab’s First Anti-Rape Crisis Cell in Multan – Visits Heritage Sites – Expresses Support for South Punjab

MULTAN: U.S. Ambassador Donald Blome  spent a busy day in Multan South Punjab. He Inaugurated Anti-Rape Crisis Cell at Nishtar Medical University Hospital. It is  Punjab’s first Anti-Rape Crisis Cell to assist victims and survivors of sexual violence.He commended the Government of Pakistan for authorizing the creation of another 67 Anti-Rape Crisis Cells at government hospitals in Islamabad, Punjab, and Sindh.
The staff at Anti-Rape Crisis Cell Multan’s Nishtar Hospital are being trained to protect victims and provide them with the medical care. They also learn how to conduct proper evidence collection and reporting to help hold offenders accountable and to bring justice to victims.
 Ambassador Donald Blome, at the Cell inauguration, said ,”The United States is committed to continue working with Pakistan to support the thousands of people who survive these crimes each year. We’re grateful to partner with all of you on these important efforts.”
Mr. Blome stated;
Gender-based violence is a public safety and a public health crisis. It affects suburban, urban and rural communities alike. It is experienced by individuals of all backgrounds and can occur at any point in a person’s life.
Both of our countries have made significant progress to expand services and legal protections for survivors, but much work remains to be done. In the United States, President Biden is advancing a comprehensive, government-wide effort to prevent and address sexual and gender-based violence.
This holistic approach is guided by lessons learned and progress made through the tireless and courageous leadership of gender-based violence survivors, advocates, researchers, policymakers, and other dedicated professionals and community members who lead prevention and response efforts.
Likewise, here in Pakistan, consistent lobbying, education, and advocacy contributed to the progress that we are celebrating here today. Pakistan’s first ever Anti-Rape Crisis Center was launched earlier this year in Karachi and now [in] Multan [we are] launching Punjab’s first Anti-Rape Crisis Center.
To the medical providers conducting this work, please know how deeply I respect and appreciate the work that you do. The care and attention you provide helps your patients navigate some of the most difficult moments of their lives.
Thank you also to our partners at UN Women. This new center exemplifies what we can accomplish when we join forces to combat gender-based violence. It’s not only in our mutual interest. It’s the right thing to do. And it resonates deeply with our shared values of justice, equality, and respect for all. To all those who made today’s opening possible, thank you and congratulations.

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During his first visit to Multan, U.S. Ambassador Donald Blome emphasized the United States’ long-standing support for South Punjab, including in energy, health, business, and education.
The Ambassador honored the rich history of Multan during visits to the shrines of Bahauddin Zakria, Shah Rukn-e-Alam and Shah Shams Tabraiz. The United States has funded 32 cultural preservation projects across Pakistan totaling $7.6 million, including the shrine of Shah Shams Tabraiz.
Ambassador Blome also met with university students, alumni of U.S. exchange programs, and local business leaders. He toured MG Apparel, a local business that displays the strength of trade between the United States and Pakistan in cotton and textiles and how adopting green initiatives can support sustainable economic growth.
Through the U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” framework, the United States is working with Pakistan to address shared climate and environmental challenges in clean energy, water, and agriculture.
Ambassador Blome visited the Multan Electric Power Company’s head office, where he highlighted a decades-long partnership between the United States and MEPCO. Together, since 2014, they have deployed more than 40,000 smart meters and partnered to better distribute electricity to Multan’s residents.
Ambassador Blome met with and thanked the Commissioner Multan Amir Khattak and Additional Chief Secretary South Punjab Secretariat Captain (Retired) Saqib Zafar for hosting the delegation in Multan and making his first trip to South Punjab a success.

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