First Lady of Pakistan Condemns Brutal ,Indiscriminate Use of Force by Israel Against Civilians of Gaza

Istanbul, 15th November 2023 -On the invitation of First Lady of Turkiye H.E Emine Erdogan , first lady of Pakistan Begum Sadia Rehmat Ullah, spouse of caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakkar participated in ‘United for Peace Summit’ held in Istanbul today to reaffirm solidarity with the people of Palestine.
In her speech, spouse of the Prime Minister Begum Sadia Rehmat Ullah,  expressed Pakistan’s full solidarity with the Palestinian brothers and sisters and condemned Israel’s brutal and indiscriminate use of force against civilians including women and children, currently besieged in Gaza.
She underlined that inhumane oppression and tyranny by Israel is a war crime and international community needs to play its due role for bringing an immediate end to Israeli aggression and lifting of the siege of Gaza.
She underlined Pakistan’s priority for ceasefire and provision of humanitarian assistance so that food, medicine may reach people of Gaza without further delay and emphasized on a just, comprehensive and lasting solution to Palestine issue anchored in international law and in line with relevant United Nations and OIC resolutions. 
She reiterated support for the resolution adopted at the recently held joint extraordinary meeting of Arab-Islamic summit.
While demanding facilitation of the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza , she stated that Pakistan has sent aid shipments to Palestinians and plans to send more aid to establish an unhindered and unconditional human corridor for Gaza.
Begum Sadia Rehmat Ullah thanked the Turkish First Lady H.E Emine Erdogan for organizing the meeting to discuss the dire situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories including Gaza.

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