” Two Years of Unity and Resistance ” by Markiian Chuchuk – Ambassador of Ukraine to Pakistan

Markiian Chuchuk
Ambassador of Ukraine to Pakistan
Today we mark a sad anniversary – two years of Russian full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine – the bloodiest one Europe has seen in 80 years. Enslaving Ukraine was supposed to be just the first step in a bigger plan: rolling back history and dividing the world into zones of influence again. Due to the courage of Ukrainians, this plan failed.
The two years of heroism and resilience of Ukrainiansin defending its sovereignty and freedom has amazed the world.Putin’s invasion was intended to be a blitzkrieg, destroying the Ukrainian state within days or weeks. After two years, Ukraine is still standing and fighting back, having liberated more than half of the newly occupied territories, lifting Russia’s naval blockade by sinking nearly a third of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, unitinga global coalition of its supporters.
It is also important to recall that Ukrainian resistance has been going on much longer than two years. The Russian aggression against Ukraine started February 19, 2014 with the temporary occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. February 26, is being commemorated in Ukraine as the Day of Resistance to the Occupation of Crimea.
In revenge for its military losses on the battlefield, Russia continues terrorising Ukrainian civilians by attacking critical infrastructure and residential areas with missiles, bombs and attack drones, turning the beautiful country into ruins. Cities of  Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Maryinka and Vuhledar as well as many others stand as remnants of the past, inhabitable no more and virtually erased.Nearly all major Ukrainian cities bear the scars of indiscriminate missile and drone attacks.

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Hundreds of thousands of human lives, both military and civilian, including women and children, have been tragically lost.Millions of people have been displaced, forced to flee their homes and seek refuge either within Ukraine or abroad.
Ukrainian law enforcement agencies launched investigations into 125,307 war crimes and crimes of aggression as well as 16,297 crimes against national security. They include the killing of 11,868 (including 526 children) and the wounding of 18,950 civilians (among them 1,223 children).
The Russian occupiers have deported nearly 200‑300 thousand Ukrainian children to Russia. 4,390 Ukrainian kids who are orphans or lack parental care were illegally transferred to Russia. So far, 536 of kidnapped children have been returned and reunited with their families. On February 2, 2024 the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children was launched.
Russian aggression destroys Ukraine’s cultural heritage on a scale unseen since World War II. Many heritage structures have either been destroyed or sustained major damage.
After these two years it becomes increasingly clear that Russia has lost its aggressive war in terms of strategy. Nonetheless,it demonstrates commitment to protracted war of attrition, hoping to win with the use of its still considerable resources, war fatigue and nuclear blackmail.
Ukraine is suffering the most in this war; therefore, no one wants peace more than Ukrainians. The path to the peace lies through battlefield success and throwing occupiers out of Ukrainian soil.The peace will come only after Ukraine territorial integrity has been completely reinstated within the internationally recognized borders. Idea of accepting “new territorial realities” being imposed by Moscow, is unacceptable.

Russian War in Ukraine – 100 Days of Resistance by Markiian Chuchuk

At the same time, Ukraine remains committed to peace diplomacy. The ten-point Peace Formula of the President of Ukraine is rapidly gaining support of the world and remains the only realistic and comprehensive plan to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and to lay the foundation for comprehensive, just and lasting peace for Ukraine as well as for the entire international community.
These 10 points were reflected in the UN GA Resolution «UN Charter principles underlying a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine» adopted on 23 February 2023 by 141 votes. They include not only the end of hostilities and withdrawal of Russian troops, but also food security, nuclear safety, environmental protection, energy security, justice, human rights, and respect for the UN Charter.
The fourth meeting of national security and foreign policy advisors on the implementation of the Peace Formula was held in Davos on January 14. Representatives of over 80 countries and international organizations participated in the meeting. The presentation of all 10 points of the Peace Formula was completed at the moot.
The Presidents of Ukraine and Switzerland agreed to start preparations for the Global Peace summit to be held in Switzerland. The Summit will give rise to a string of thematic meetings in different countries at the ministerial, parliamentary, expert and other levels to elaborate detailed proposals for the heads of state and government to develop and agree on a single solid joint peace plan.
The Inaugural Peace summit will show global unity behind basic principles: sanctity of peace; respect for existing borders; prevailing force of law over the law of force. No disparities and disbalances can be used as an excuse for an invasion.

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After agreeing on a joint peace plan, the Second Global Peace Summit will be held in line with the point 10 of the Peace Formula – “Confirmation of the end of the war”. The Russian Federation will be invited to the Summit for negotiations on ending its war on the basis of the peace plan. That time, Russia will be presented with a consolidated position of the global majority, grounded on principles of international law and the UN Charter, contrary to the Russian approach, based on brutal force and coercion.
Countries from all parts of the world–Asia, Africa and Latin America, including Pakistan – are welcome to attend the Summit to lay the foundations of the new world’s security architecture.The Peace Formula is the only real peace proposal on the table,thus we urge all peace-loving nations to join efforts in putting it into action.
Ukraine is grateful to every nation and individual who has been standing with us all along. We appreciate their support and will keep it in our hearts forever. It is Unity that allowed us to survive and resist the invasion. We urge all our partners to stay resolved and united in supporting Ukraine.
The Lesson that should have been learned over the past two years, is that only unity and resolve are effective in resisting the aggressor. Appeasement has never worked, and never will. As the Russian full-scale aggression hits its two years mark, our message is: believe in Ukraine.

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