STATE OF THE STATE – HARD TO STATE – Who Brought Resolution on Postponement of Election in Senate of Pakistan? by Tazeen Akhtar

Tazeen Akhtar
The State is in a State that is hard to State literally Stating by the Way. Jokers are playing havoc when we need seriousness badly in the background of constitutional crisis in the country as well as economic melt down gradually. Neighboring India has sent spaceship at the Moon and now planning to run train under the water but in Pakistan we are seeing the most immature things happening on the behest of who? Unknown………
Senate is the uppermost parliamentary institution where they have conducted the cheapest exercise of their power on 05 Jan 2024 in shape of the controversial resolution to postpone election in Feb 2024 next month.
Two days later Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan resigns on the pretext of illness in afternoon and contradicts the same resignation in the evening. Parallel running are the advance stories of resignation of Chairman Election Commission Raja Sikandar Sultan as well.
Prime Minister (Caretaker or Undertaker) says the culprits of 9 May will be brought to book but at the same time the nomination papers of 3 accused Raja Bashaarat, Rashid Hafeez and Wasiq Qayyoom Abbasi are accepted while there is a long quoe of PTI candidates whose papers rejected without any justification.
The most objectionable item was the resolution of postponement of elections in the Senate. It was brought in a highly suspicious manner when majority of the Senators left the house after the Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani adjourned the proceedings. Only 14 out of 97 member were present around the house when Chairman called them inside and suddenly resumed the proceeding to facilitate Mr. Delawar Khan table the resolution. Here the role of Mr. Sanjrani is not like a responsible person.

ENIGMA OF PAKISTANI POLITICS : Elections? Who will be Next Prime Minister? Future of PTI & Imran Khan ?

There are only two possibilities. 1- Mr. Sanjrani is highly irresponsible parliamentarian who set aside all rules and regulations and did not behave like a custodian of the house depriving majority of the members of expressing their opinion at the resolution. 2- Mr. Sanjrani was asked to do the same from some very high powerful quarter that he could not dare say NO.
Chairman Senate knows very well that the draft of a resolution is submitted in the secretariat first. If admitted, it is distributed among the members for their review and a schedule is shared when to table it in the session.
No such SOP was observed. Then comes quorum of the house that was incomplete. With 14 members only, even the routine proceedings can not be conducted let alone tabling and passing a resolution on the biggest and long awaited political activity in the state.
The quorum required during the course of a sitting of the Senate is one-fourth of the total membership that is at least 25 member but only half of the minimum required members present. A reasonable and sound Chairman would never allowed a resolution on a matter of national importance even half of the house is present.
Delawar Khan as well as his colleagues who supported him table the resolution are independent Senators. INDEPENDENT SENATORS – now what does it mean? How a senator is selected? Provincial assembly members cast vote while political parties nominate their candidates.

What the Decision Makers have Earned in AJK by Creating All the MESS – by – Tazeen Akhtar

MPs belong to the political parties with a few independent only but that few can not select any Senator on their own. There are only two ways; 1- The candidate buys the MPs 2- Powerful quarters tell the MPs to cast their votes in favor of that candidate. Mostly the candidates take the route of 2 and then do 1 as well.
This “induction” of His Master’s Voices in the Senate of Pakistan is done mostly in Balochistan and second number is FATA, KPK. That because the least number of MPs are required in Balochistan and then KPK to select a Senator. The perpetrators of the discussed resolution are mostly Independent from Balochistan with two only from KPK.
We have examples of some Senators who payed huge amounts to the head of a party to become the senator. Journalists know all the names like Azam Sawati , Talha Mehmood and others. But the difference here is , they will not be Independent.
The Senators who brought the resolution have been mostly MUM on national issues other than election. They have never been seen or heard about working on the grievances of the public or on particular issues of their provinces.
Most of the supporters of the resolution are at the end of their term including Chairman Sanjrani. That speaks a lot about their own interest in following the orders from unknown quarters. A turmoil in the politics of Pakistan and crisis in democratic institutions like Parliament is in the vast interest of such members who can not reach in assemblies or senate through fair and legal means.
Caption : Left to Right -Sadiq Sanjrani, Dilawar Khan, Manzoor Ahmed, Prince Ahmed Umer, Naseebullah Bazai, Sana Jamali
Here is the detail of all with respect to their tenure ;
Sadiq Sanjrani – Chairman March 2018 to March 2024 Independent (IND) Balochistan
1- Dilawar Khan March 2018 to March 2024 Independent (IND) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
2-Manzoor Ahmed March 2021 to March 2027 Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) Balochistan/
3-Prince Ahmed Umer Ahmedzai March 2021 to March 2027 Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) Balochistan
4- Naseebullah Bazai March 2018 to March 2024 Independent (IND) Balochistan
5- Ms Sana Jamali March 2018 to March 2024 Independent (IND) Balochistan
They moved the resolution to postpone elections without any prior notice or agenda & it was facilitated by Chairman Sanjrani for clear and mentioned reason.
Another same category – Hidayat Ullah March 2018 to March 2024 Independent (IND) FATA. He is right hand of Sanjrani – He was very active to move and pass the resolution.
They themselves have made them suspicious charachters in the eyes of Pakistani nation – YES – but here Q rises where were the rest 3/4 Senators – Present 14 Total 97 – Why the others were not present ? How they were so ignorant about any suspicious activity in and around the house?
Question for the powerful is how the country will be governed if election postponed? We have only one apparently democratic body in Pakistan that is Senate. Half of Senate will be emptied in March 2024. The only democratic house will be of no use in half of its composition. Moreover the composition of the house will be changed altogether. If assemblies are not elected one month prior to end of tenure of half of the senators, how the new senators will be elected?
The country is already being governed illegally and UN-constitutionally in the light of disobeying the orders of Supreme Court to hold election within 3 months of dissolution of any assembly. It has been one year since the Provincial Assemblies were dissolved. If election in Feb are postponed , how will you get legal cover for the illegal and extra constitutional regimes of Punjab and KPK?
This is the state of the state when USA has designated Pakistan as Country of Particular Concern. Can we reject this decision with confidence?

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